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Biden’s public reference to it was a reminder that the issue has political resonance in Washington, and hence, continuing potential to disrupt the relationship between London and Washington. Prospects for a bilateral trade deal have now been replaced by hopes for something arguably even more far-fetched. Nationalist and Loyalist rioters clashed at the peace wall in West Belfast, Northern Ireland, in April.Credit...Peter Morrison/Associated Press British papers reported that the Johnson government is now mulling whether it could enter the revised North American Free Trade Agreement negotiated by Mr. Trump with Canada and Mexico. Since Britain already has deals with both countries, that would amount to a backdoor deal with the United States. Trade analysts were puzzled, noting that this would not spare either side the political hazards of a trade negotiation. Moreover, these experts said, the language in that deal, known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, would be disadvantageous to British automakers eager to export to the United States. “Everything that makes a bilateral agreement difficult makes U.S.M.C.A. difficult,” said Sam Lowe, an expert on trade at the Center for European Reform, a research institute in London. “We’d still be talking about chlorinated chicken,” he added, referring to disputes over access for chemically treated American food. For Mr. Johnson, the complexities of a trade pact may matter less in the short term than the wins he scored. On the eve of his visit, the White House lifted a ban on travelers from Britain, the European Union and other countries, which had become a nagging source of trans-Atlantic strain. Mr. Johnson also got to crow over the submarine alliance, which not only makes Britain a key American ally in the geopolitical contest with China, but also has the political fringe benefit of vexing Britain’s neighbor, France. Speaking outside the Capitol, Mr. Johnson broke into gleeful Franglais to poke fun at the French for what he said was their overreaction to Australia’s decision to break a $66 billion deal for non-nuclear submarines. A French Navy Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarine docked in the harbor of Toulon, France, last year.Credit...Nicolas Tucat/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images “Donnez-moi un break” became an instant classic on social media, rivaled only by a moment, in an interview with NBC News, in which Mr. Johnson admitted to having six children. The precise number has long been cloaked in mystery: He has been divorced twice, has a daughter through an extramarital relationship, and has evaded previous attempts to pin him down on the paternity question. As seasoned Johnson observers noted, he has used the Franglais version of “give me a break” at least eight times, going back to March 1994, when he put it in an article about housing prices. [Education]

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Steve Fennessy: So Rev. Guerra's outreach is one component of many that are happening throughout the state in all kinds of communities. To what degree is this an organized effort, or thousands and thousands of small little efforts by people like Rev. Guerra to try to see it here get more people vaccinated? Is the state trying to — to do this outreach into other immigrant communities, too? And is there any sort of concerted effort in that regard? Lautaro Grinspan: It's a mix. I think health officials are — are delegating sort of love this possibility and just teaming up with — with nonprofits and community advocates to bring as many pop-up vaccination sites as possible to metro Atlanta's immigrant enclaves with the goal of bringing vaccines to the places that people are already in and really trying to leverage the organizations, the community leaders like Rev. Guerra that have already built these long ties in the community.